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Recommended by 64 people
Recommended by 64 people
My wife and I were looking for refresher safety instruction and range instruction. We could not be more pleased with Emil’s attention to firearm...  Read more
Feb 20, 2024
Thomas Siedzik
Emil was an awesome instructor. Made the class fun and interactive while also focusing on the important content the class offered. Would highly...  Read more
Feb 19, 2024
Ben Alt
Mr. Mejia runs a tight class that will cover all the basics and understanding about handguns and laws surrounding self defense in SC. Great class to...  Read more
Feb 12, 2024
a m
Emil is awesome. Very knowledgeable and a great instructor. 
Feb 5, 2024
Chance Turko
Best thing I've done was take firearm training with Emil Mejia and his company. Emil is an AWESOMENESS mentor, instructor and person. I would HIGHLY...  Read more
Jan 30, 2024
Lisa Sibbald
Fantastic course. I've been shooting for 50+ years and was surprised how much I learned. Highly recommend his training! 
Jan 22, 2024
Jeffrey Allen

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